Fashion Trends 2013 : Coloured Pants for Men and women

Fashion Trends 2013 : Coloured Pants for Men and women


March 10th, 2013


Colored pants are hot in Fashion trend 2013 .At Trendz and Fshion we bring to you the latest happening fashion trends from across the world and the current fashion trends in bollywood. This summer paint your wardrobe with pants of different colours.Red to pink, yellow to blue, all the colors are accepted. Our beautiful and gorgeous bollywood heroines are the first in line to lead the Fashion trend from the fore-front. They aren’t only spreading the trend of coloured pants in the country but while they are at it, we can clearly see how they have glamourised the look by opting for coloured pants in that category. Our superstars also coloured themselves.From the Khans to the Kumars… from the Rowdy Rathore to the classy Aamir Khan… all are brightening up the surroundings with bright colored pants! All the actors look hot so what are you waiting for ? Go and pick your coloured pant today and be the style icon.

Akshay kumar flaunting Yellow Pants from Rowdy Rathore















Aamir Khan opting for Green trousers as Fashion Trend




























Ranbeer Kapoor in his stylished Red pants


Diffrent option in coloured pants for Men. Green, Red, Blue, yellow,pink and lime green all coloured trousers are cool and hot in fashion trend 2013.


Coloured pants for Girls as Fashion trends.


Katrina looks cool in Pink trousers and a white tank top.


Mens Fashion trends 2013 coloured pants



Malaika Arora looks hot in yellow top and Electric blue pants.


Priyanka Chopra in her Yellow trouser and white top.


Deepika Padukone in Red coloured pants.


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